23rd Edition of the National Peruvian Sterling Silver Competition, unique event exhibiting incredible pieces!!!

Like every year since 1997, this exhibition organized by the Patronato Plata del Perú shows the impeccable technique of sterling silver craftsmen from all around the country in the categories filigree, goldsmith and jewelry. Their pieces represent different themes, styles and even every day representations of their customs in a unique way it is difficult for a common person to believe they could have been made only using their hands and welding techniques to join the pieces together. No synthetic glues are allowed.

For the second stage of the competition, 18 pieces from 6 different categories are selected and they are submitted to a chemical analysis to verify they comply with the minimum technical requirements and a score is given to each by the different judges considering aspects of design, originality, creativity, execution, technique, materials and finish.

All competitors pieces will be exhibited to the public in the Centro Cultural Ricardo Palma in Lima, from the 10th to the 26th June 2019. If it happens that you are in the city during these dates, it is worth visiting.

The winning pieces will also be exhibited between the 26th July and the 23rd August at the Gallery of the Interbank Tower.

Like the ones at the beginning of this post, the following are some of last year’s winning pieces.

We will update this post next week with this year’s winners!!!

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