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We are Kukumari.com, a Peruvian virtual platform that allows artisans and artists of different product categories offer and promote their products internationally, accessing a wider market. This way, we promote their development and the sustainability for their families and communities.

Through our store, handicrafts and art can reach buyers from anywhere around the world!! No need for buyers to travel to have at hand a collection of unique pieces. In addition, with each purchase, you will contribute to the craftsmen's guild, expanding their possibilities.

Our mission is to spread high quality Peruvian handmade products and artwork expressions, preserving their ancestral procedures and high added value.

Besides this, we are making an alliance with the ONG Care Peru which is a non-profit organization that develops models with local teams to contribute with the State and the private sector in the eradication of poverty and to provide assistance during times of disasters and emergencies. It is a group of professionals seeking to achieve development of the most vulnerable people, focusing on girls and women. It has more than 47 years of continuous experience and has presence in 25 regions of Peru. Their mission worldwide is to defeat poverty, save lives and achieve social justice.

Kukumari.com is joining forces with Care Peru in their fight against poverty. A percentage of every product sold through the Kukumari.com web page will be donated to this organization. This donation will be directed to the Program “ Niñas con Oportunidades” (Girls with Opportunities). More information in the link: http://www.care.org.pe/reporte2017/en/ninas-con-oportunidades/


Our Story:

At the end of 2017, Peruvian entrepreneur Angelina Capella, decided to undertake the adventure of getting closer to the artisan communities around the Cusco area and their means for sustainability. After discovering their living conditions and got to know more about their daily struggles selling their products locally she decided to find a way to offer a commercial channel to them and to other Peruvian craftsmen and artists accessing a wider array of potential buyers which would lead to a better income for them and would promote their development and improve their living conditions.

She created an online store as a marketplace for craftsmen and artists to sell their products and at the same time found a way to donate part of the profit to areas in need.

Kukumari is more than just an online store, it is a place for collaboration and appreciation of Peruvian artists, who put not only their talent in each of their pieces but also their life and their spirit.

We invite you to be part of this inspiration.

Welcome to Kukumari.com!!

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