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Toritos de Pucará (Pucara Bulls), the Origins and Meaning of this Mystic Character of the Andean Culture

In the South of Peru, in Pukara, Puno, less than 100 km. from Lake Titicaca, we can find a character full of mysticism: the Torito de Pucará or Pucara bull. A piece of art made in clay with high spiritual and protective value and which is present in the making of ceremonies of fertility, protection of…
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Winners of the 23rd Edition of the National Peruvian Sterling Silver Competition

As we mentioned in our previous post, this competition takes place every year since 1997 in the categories jewelry, goldsmith and filigree and brings together the work of many silver craftsmen from all around the country, taking the judges in consideration the themes they have chosen, the technique, the style, complementary materials used, design and…
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23rd Edition of the National Peruvian Sterling Silver Competition, unique event exhibiting incredible pieces!!!

Like every year since 1997, this exhibition organized by the Patronato Plata del Perú shows the impeccable technique of sterling silver craftsmen from all around the country in the categories filigree, goldsmith and jewelry. Their pieces represent different themes, styles and even every day representations of their customs in a unique way it is difficult…
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