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Jose Ipanaque Ramirez

Jose Ipanaque Ramirez, artist from Piura, in the north of Peru, was born in the district of Catacaos, bound tourist destination for those visiting the region, known for their delicious food, their ceramic and their sterling silver among other handcrafts. Due to their vast handmade representations, it is known as the capital of the artisan workmanship. In Catacaos, 70% of the young artisans dedicate their lives to elaborate beautiful pieces of handmade goods.

When José was born in 1959, he first began working the silver filigree, silver threads used to create beautiful pieces of jewelry and decoration. At 18 years old, he began his dedication to the stone carving craftsmanship, working with exceptional precision, firm pulse and acute sight working the Andean opal and pink quartz among other semiprecious stones he uses when developing his magnificent pieces.

Jose has been recently honored by the district of Catacaos, for his 45 years of dedication to the art of semiprecious stone carving and for promoting Peruvian culture nationally as well as internationally.

We are glad to have such an artist working with us in Kukumari!!!! Thank you José!!!

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