Winners of the 23rd Edition of the National Peruvian Sterling Silver Competition

As we mentioned in our previous post, this competition takes place every year since 1997 in the categories jewelry, goldsmith and filigree and brings together the work of many silver craftsmen from all around the country, taking the judges in consideration the themes they have chosen, the technique, the style, complementary materials used, design and originality.

The following are the winners of this year´s competition:

1st prize Jewelry and General Competition Prize Patronato de Plata del Peru.

Piece name: Catalina                      Winner: Jorge Alfredo Pérez Gutiérrez from Cajamarca

2nd prize Jewelry

Piece name: Dulces y Quesitos Arequipeños (Sweets and Cheese from Arequipa)  Winner: Mónica Rocío Collantes Díaz  from Lima

1st prize Goldsmith

Piece name: La Mano de Dios (God´s Hand)     Winner: Richard Mamani Pallani from Lima

2nd prize Goldsmith

Piece name: Poder Inka Maskay Pacha (Inka Maskay Pacha Power)     Winner: Raúl Segura Ramírez, Arturo Segura Ramírez, Fernando Segura Ramírez and Armando Segura Ramírez  from Cusco.

1st prize Filigree 

Piece name: El Reflejo del Buho (Owl’s Reflection)     Winner: Luis Alberto Chaccha Chávez, Christian Chaccha Chávez, Sandra Flores Chaccha and Celia Quispe Jacinto from Lima

2nd prize Filigree

Piece name: El Arca del Pacto, la presencia, ley, provisión y el Poder de Dios (The Ark of Pact, the presence, the law, the hoard and the Power of God)     Winner: José Jesús Sullón Aguirre, Neleyda Noemí Terrones Guerrero and José Joel Sullón Terrones from Piura

More of this year´s magnificent winning pieces:


The winning pieces will be on display between the 26th July and the 23rd August at the Gallery of the Interbank Tower in Lima.



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